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Leaflet Distribution Services

We Offer Excellent Value Distribution Services From Flyer Distribution & Letterbox Distribution To Magazine & Newspaper Distribution Across UK.

Print & Design Services

Your Printed Material Is How The World Sees You. If It Looks Good, You Look Good. We Help You Do Just That With Our High Quality Printing Services, Visit Our Printing Website.

Marketing Services

We Have The Tools, Knowledge & Expertise To Deliver Strategic Marketing Services That Will Make You Stand Out From The Competition & Drive Results Higher Every Time.

Web Hosting & Domain Register

Do You Want To Register A Domain Name? Are You Looking For A Fast, Reliable & Unlimited Web Hosting With 24/7 Customer Support? Look No Farther Visit MixoBiz Hosting

Free Directory Submission

Would You Like To Be Found In Your Local Area When People Are Searching For Businesses On MixoBiz Directory? Then Register Your Business For Free Now

MixoBiz Online TV

More Than 55,000 Useful Videos About Marketing, Advertising And Printing To Help Your Business Grow

MixoBiz Magazine

Are You Looking For latest Business And Marketing Related Articles To Help You Grow Your Business Visit MixoBiz Magazine

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing in your business is a cost effective, fast way of staying in touch with your customers. And your message will be read in minutes

What Is MixoBiz Franchise ? 

LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY IS AVAILABLE IN THIS AREA ,  MixoBiz Is a Combination of 4 businesses in 1 franchise, we provide several services such as 1) Leaflet distribution, 2) Printing 3) Marketing and 4) Web services 

we are planning to cover more areas in the Uk and you can be part of us as franchisee in your area 
below you can find a brief summary of what you will can do as part of MixoBiz franchise or full details click here


  • There are many local businesses in need of leaflet distribution, they must distribute 1000s of leaflets everyday, some of these businesses such as takeaways only rely on 1 marketing technique and that is leaflet distribution. But they need a trustworthy, reliable company to do this for them and that's why we train our franchisees  to build a team of distributors to help these businesses, to distribute their leaflets through our GPS tracked and well organized system. Click here for full details ... 



    All businesses need to print something at some point in their business, especially  takeaways  and restaurants they are always in need of printing leaflets because they distribute at least  4000 leaflets every week, however, they are looking for a local printing company  which they can trust and rely on, that's when  our franchisees will be there for these businesses to fulfill all their printing requirements such as leaflets, posters, flyers, boxes, packages, businesses stationary and many more . Click on each tab below for more details. Click here for full details ... 



    At MixoBiz we believe each business is different and they need to use different marketing techniques to reach their target, that's why we do not simply rely on traditional marketing strategies but also we provide online marketing, search engine optimization, SMS marketing and telemarketing services as well, which will be presented  by our franchisees to local businesses, and we will take care of the technical sides of it while you earn a commission for each order that comes from you. Click on each tab below for more details. Click here for full details ... 



    These days all businesses, big or small will need web services such as web hosting, web design, domain registration,eccommrece solutions, online storage and many more, to survive in business, on our main website and our franchiseeswebsites customers can buy domain names and web hosting, or they can build their own ecommerce store or website using our online website builder software, franchiseesour will present these services to their customers and earn a commission while we take care of the techinical side with our 24/7 sales & support team. Click here for full details ...